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Short Story

No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To write a short story using only short words.

How to play

Players challenge themselves and/or others to write a story using just short words. They must first agree on what qualifies as a short word. This can be a monosyllable, or a word with just a specific number of letters (like 3 or 4), or a word no longer than a specific number of letters. A time limit can also be set. The player with the longest story is the winner. Or else, players can vote on which story (besides their own) they like the best.

This game is similar to Monosyllabic Q & A.


Abby, Bernie and Cassandra agree that they will write for 5 minutes at most, using only words of three letters/characters or less. Creative spellings for words, like sez for says, is permitted. The winner will be the story with the greatest number of words. Any sentence which is not complete will not be counted. Five points will be deducted from a player's final score if they mistakenly use a word four letters or more.

Abby: "My mom ate one egg. She sez it was yum. But did I eat one? Yes, I had one 'ova ez.' My bro did not. He h8s 'em. Why? I do not get it."
Bernie: "My k9 is a big and fit dog, you see. But he ran off in May. Can you aid me? I can not get him to...
Cassandra: Bob A. Lam bet big. He was in his car and bid on the art he saw b4. He won it, as he did say and vow. He put it in his car.

Since Bernie's last sentence is incomplete, he only scores 20 points for his 20 words. Cassandra does much better, with 33 points. But Abby ekes out the win with one additional word, scoring 34 points.

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