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Simon Says

No. of Players: 3+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To obey verbal commands only when phrased in a certain way.

How to play

In this classic game, one player is elected to be Simon – the game leader – who issues instructions to the rest of the players. The players must follow these instructions, but only when they are prefaced with the phrase "Simon says." For instance, if the game leader says: "Simon says touch your nose," the players must touch their nose. Anyone failing to follow such instructions is out of the game. But if the game leader says "Touch your nose," players remain in the game by not following this instruction. Anyone who does follow such instructions is out of the game. The last player remaining wins the round and becomes the next game leader. However, if the remaining players are all eliminated at the same time, the game leader wins that round and continues in the role of Simon for the next round. The winner of the most rounds is declared the overall champion of the game.

Speaking is not permitted, so players cannot ask for clarification. They must also act immediately following a command: either doing the action if the command begins with "Simon says" or not doing the action if the command does not begin with that phrase. To avoid unnecessary confusion, there should only be one command per sentence, and commands must be physically possible. For instance, no player could possibly obey "Simon says lift both legs up," so such commands are not permitted.

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