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No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To intentionally create slips of the tongue.

How to play

A spoonerism is the accidental (and often humorous) swapping of the initial letters or sounds of two or more words in a sentence. These slips of the tongue are usually the result of an unconscious process, as when someone says "shake a tower" when he actually means to say "take a shower." But players can amuse themselves and others by intentionally creating spoonerisms. Or an outright game can be devised. For instance, one player gives a clue that contains one-half of a spoonerism and the other players have to guess the other half. The first to do so gets to create the next spoonerized phrase for the players.


Question: What would be an insult to someone eating jelly beans?
Answer: Hi, belly jeans!
Question: What do animals with no tails have?
Answer: Toe nails.
Question: What does my eyeball tell you?
Answer: Bye all.
Question: What did the cashier say to the mad bunny?
Answer: You have bad money.

I wave the sails so I can save the whales.

A butterfly will flutter by.

I tease my ears so I can ease my tears.

That's a pack of lies, there is no lack of pies.

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