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silhouette of woman pinching her nose because it stinks Stinky Pinky outline of hand with pinky finger raised

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To guess a rhyming phrase from a given definition.

How to play

The gamemaster thinks of a pair of rhyming words, and then poses a suitable definition to the other players. For instance, the given definition might be smelly finger. The first player to successfully guess the rhyming phrase – in this case stinky pinky – gets to act as gamemaster for the next round.


What is a wet canine called?
soggy doggy

What do you call a semi-trailer in the ditch?
stuck truck

A prince crowned in April?
spring king

Santa with the flu?
sick Nick

Bush's smart Vice President?
brainy Cheney

Sudden urge for potato chips?
snack attack

Extra seat?
spare chair

Remove makeup?
erase face

Seven-day celebration for nerds?
geek week

Street curb?
small wall

band hand

Atlas on thighs?
lap map

Did you know?

The pinky is mighty indeed. Despite being the smallest finger with the least range of motion, without the pinky the strength of your grip would diminish by 50%. But it's also said that the length and shape of your pinky tells us something about your personality.

palm with tip of pinky below top knuckle of ring finger     palm with tip of pinky above top knuckle of ring finger     palm with tip of pinky even with top knuckle of ring finger

For instance, (1) if the tip of your pinky is below the top knuckle of your ring finger, you are said to be shy and reserved. (2) If it is above, you tend to be charming and sociable. (3) If it is even, you are mellow and deal with stress well.

palm with pinky finger shorter than ring finger     palm with pinky finger longer than ring finger

Now compare the absolute length (from base to tip) of your pinky and ring fingers. (4) Most people have shorter pinkies, which means they have plans and aspirations in life but have a tough time reaching them. (5) But a select few have pinkies longer than their ring fingers. These tend to be overachievers and high-performers, like world leaders, CEOs, and celebrities.

palm with pinky finger with a flat or square-shaped tip     palm with pinky finger with a pointed tip     palm with pinky finger with a curved tip

(6) Is the tip of your pinky finger flat or square-shaped? If so, you are likely honest and forthright. (7) How about a pointed tip? You're likely a good public speaker, since you tend to be eloquent and tactful. (8) Finally, a pinky tip that is curved to one side indicates a fear of confrontation, or more generously, a desire to make peace.

However, the jury is still out whether getting cosmetic surgery on your pinky will change your personality. Somehow we think not...

In case you're wondering, the images under the title of this word game form a rebus puzzle:


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