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Story Time

No. of Players: 3+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To tell a story in the style of a particular author or genre of literature.

How to play

One player is the umpire who directs the game. The other players select an author, genre of literature, or type of book. The umpire selects a story that the other players must tell in the style of the author, genre, or type of book they have selected. If this story is well-known, the umpire need only relate the title. But if the story will be made-up, the umpire will briefly relate the story line he wants the other players to follow. The umpire chooses one player to begin the story and once satisfied with the result, chooses the next player, and so on.


Antony is the umpire and asks the other players what styles they have chosen for the story. Bert will tell the story in the manner of a teen dystopian novel. Cora chooses to do so in the style of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Dora has selected Dr. Seuss. Antony tells the players that the story is The Wizard of Oz.

Bert: During a weather experiment conducted by the nefarious Central Eye, a tornado swept up our heroine, Dorthy, into a small village of Little Rebels. They told her that her only chance to save herself and her world was to go see the Grand Wizard who held the secrets of this land and all others. Dorthy set out down a yellow brick road, determined to overcome all obstacles to gain his wisdom to return her home and defeat the Central Eye.
Antony: Very good. Cora, please continue the story.
Cora: Scarecrow, noun. An object made to look like a human figure so as to scare away birds from a farmer's field. Usually in need of a brain.
Tin Man, noun. A hollow human figure made of metal who is on the lookout for a heart.
Lion, noun. Large cat usually living in Africa, but also found in fantasy lands in search of courage.
Antony: Excellent as well. Dora, over to you.
Dora: The castle was scary.
The Little Rebels weren't lying.
But Dorothy went inside.
With Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion.
Together they melted the Witch.
Then found the Wizard.
Who did know Dorothy's home.
He was no dumb lizard.
The Wizard granted their wishes.
Giving brain, heart, and courage.
Dorothy went home to family.
No grudge, but encouraged.
Antony: Bravo!

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