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word ANTONYM crossed out     word ANTONYM crossed out

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To find synonyms for given words.

How to play

The gamemaster prepares a list of words and a copy is given to each player. Players then try to write a synonym for each word on the list. The first player to do so is the winner and acts as gamemaster for the next round. A time limit can be set in case no player can complete the entire list, and extra points can be awarded to players for writing down more than one synonym for a particular word.


Arnie prepares the following list of twelve words:

resolve, watch, meal, simplify, high, similar, observe, class, break, people, guess, reason

He sets a time limit of 5 minutes. Players earn 20 points for completing the entire list with at least one synonym for each word. A bonus point is awarded for each additional synonym.

After 5 minutes, here is how the round shaped up between the two players:

word Bertha Calvin
resolve settle settle, fix
watch observe timepiece
meal feast, snack repast, feed
simplify clarify untangle, paraphrase
high tall, soaring, aloft tall, towering, exalted
similar alike alike, interchangeable
observe see, notice, spot see, detect
class grade group
break shatter, crack, fracture smash, splinter, interruption
people humans, persons humans, humankind, mankind
guess estimate, approximate estimate, appraise
reason think logic, judgment

Both Bertha and Calvin earn 20 points for coming up with at least one synonym for each word on the list. But Calvin beats out Bertha with additional synonyms, so he wins this round to become the next gamemaster.

The final score:

Bertha 30
Calvin 34 ✔

In case you're wondering, the images under the title of this word game form a rebus puzzle:


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