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No. of Players: 4+
Type of Game: written and spoken
What you need: pen and paper


To give a short talk and guess the subject of that talk.

How to play

This game is best played with five people: two teams of two players, with a gamemaster. But it can be played with just three people if the team size is reduced to one player. The gamemaster thinks of a subject and writes down a list of ten associated words. For instance, if the subject was 'School,' the associated words might be teacher, students, blackboard, chalk, desk, playground, recess, homework, test, and textbook. One team is sent out of the room, and the remaining team is given the subject on which they have to speak, but not the ten associated words. Each member of this team must then speak about this subject for 20 seconds, during which time the gamemaster crosses off any associated words from the list as they are mentioned. When the team giving the short talk is finished, the other team is called back into the room. The gamemaster tells them the associated words not mentioned. From these words, that team must guess the subject of the talk.


Anthony sends Barry and Camilla out of the room. He then tells Danika and Ernest they have 20 seconds each to speak about 'Houses.' As they give their talk, Anthony crosses off bedrooms, insurance, backyard, lawn, and attic from his prepared list of words. Barry and Camilla are then called back into the room and told that the words not used during the two talks are kitchen, mortgage, driveway, garage, and chimney. After a short deliberation, they correctly guess the subject. They flip a coin and Barry is elected to become the next gamemaster. He divides the other players into two teams and prepares his list of subject, and associated words, for the next round.

And so on.

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