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No. of Players: 3+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To see how a phrase changes as it passes from speaker to speaker.

How to play

Players form a circle. One player thinks of an expression, saying, phrase, sentence, movie or book title, etc., and whispers it into the ear of the next player. This second player whispers it to the third player and so on, until the last player whispers it back to the first player. The first player then announces what he just heard and what he originally whispered. The enjoyment of this game comes from the fact that these two versions are usually different, often humorously so. Alternatively, this game is played in a straight line, with the first player announcing the original message only after the last player tells the group what was just whispered to him.


Alivia thinks of a sentence and the players form a circle:

Alivia: (whispers to Brooke) She sells shark tanks and ceramics.
Brooke: (whispers to Caleb) She sold sharp tanks and ceramics.
Caleb: (whispers to Davis) She's old, thanks and hammocks.
Davis: (whispers to Evelyn) She holds tanks and hammocks.
Evelyn: (whispers to Alivia) She holds thanks for ham and rocks.

Alivia repeats her original sentence, and what she just heard, out loud. The group laughs.

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