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Throwing Light

Eureka: light bulb cartoon character representing 'idea'
No. of Players: 3+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To guess a word by listening to a conversation.

How to play

Two players leave the room to decide upon a secret word. They come back into the room and start a conversation designed to shed light on that word, but without mentioning the word itself. The other players have a limited number of attempts to guess the secret word. Players can shout out their guesses. But they can also join the conversation by whispering their correct guesses to one of the two players, or else make a statement out loud which shows they know the secret word. The game ends when all players have either joined the conversation, or dropped out because they reached their limit of guesses.


Andrew and Briana enter the room and have the following conversation in front of Carson and Desdemona:

Andrew: It's delicious, don't you think?
Briana: Yes, but they say it's not too good for you.
Andrew: Maybe. Depends on what it is. You can do it in a healthy way.
Briana: But it's really only easy to do when the weather is warm. And if it's raining? Forget it.
Andrew: True. But I just feel like a caveman doing it. So much fun!
Carson: (interrupting) We have better utensils now though.
Briana: Yep, no longer need to use sticks.
Andrew: But you can still easily burn yourself. I did just last week.
Desdemona: Are you guys talking about barbeque?
Everyone: Yes!

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