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Tom Swifties

No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To complete the speaker's statement with a suitable word.

How to play

Players think of sentences that match dialogue to the last word of the sentence, usually by way of a pun. By convention, the hypothetical speaker of these sentences is named Tom. Alternatively, one player passes out a list of adverbs and verbs to other players and asks them to provide appropriate dialogue. Or vice versa: a player passes out dialogue and asks players to think of an adverb or verb what would appropriately end the sentence.

Another variation of this game is Say My Name.


A group of seven players write the following seven sentences:

  1. "I always use two layers of mulch," Tom repeated.
  2. "You should emphasize that font," said Tom boldly.
  3. "Hand me the flashlight," said Tom lightly.
  4. "I lived for two years in South Korea's capital," said Tom soulfully.
  5. "This is a 17th century etching plate," said Tom acidly.
  6. "They overthrew the government," Tom cooed.
  7. "You'll get thrown by that horse," Tom nagged.

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