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Too Taboo For You

No. of Players: 3+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To guess the taboo letter.

How to play

One person is selected to be the joker whose job is to mentally choose a letter of the alphabet. This letter is deemed to be the taboo letter. The joker then questions the other players in turn. Questions are asked in a way that can be answered using a single word. If the answer includes the taboo letter, that player loses a life. Each player starts out with three lives, and anyone losing all three is out of the game. A player can, at any time, guess the taboo letter. A correct guess makes that player the joker for the next round. But if he guesses incorrectly, he loses two lives.


Amelia: (having mentally chosen the letter V as taboo) What month is it?
Bella: October
Amelia: What is five plus five?
Charlie: Ten
Amelia: What is next month called?
Dean: November
Amelia: You lose a life. What is five plus six?
Bella: Eleven
Amelia: You lose a life. What is the opposite of DEFEAT?
Charlie: Victory
Amelia: You lose a life. What country has as its capital Hanoi?
Bella: (quickly interjecting before Dean can answer) The taboo letter is V and the answer is Vietnam! (Bella becomes the next joker)

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