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Did you know?

According to press materials, ABC's The Jetsons was set in the year 2062. When it first aired in 1962, the show looked like it came from a far and distant future (despite it being a cartoon, of course). But the show actually made many accurate predictions.

cartoon robot

For instance, the Jetson family had video chats, digital newspapers, and talking alarm clocks – just like we have today. Same with their internet-like access to instantaneous information, big- and wrist-size flat screen technology, medical pill-cams, and moving sidewalks (think about what we have in today's airport terminals). As for Jetson meals produced at the touch of a button, we have long since had vending machines, TV and microwavable dinners, the ability to order food over the internet, and are now close to producing palatable 3D printed food. And with our robot vacuum cleaners, full robot maids can't be that far around the corner. Just like space tourism.

passengers lined-up for TSA pat-down

Now, if we can only get flying cars to avoid the dreaded TSA pat-down...

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