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Who Are You

cartoon ghost, sheet with eyes
No. of Players: 3+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: household object


To pass around an object with questions and answers.

How to play

Players sit in a circle. One player takes a household object, like an oven mitt, and thinks about what to call it. As he passes it to the player to his left, the second player asks 'Who are you?' The first player states his (fictitious) name and a fictitious name of the object. For example, 'My name is Bob, and this is Stan.' The second player hands this object to the player to his left and waits for the third player to ask 'Who are you?' At which point the second player says 'My name is Ian and Bob says this is Stan.' The third player hands it to the fourth player, who asks 'Who are you?' and gets the response 'My name is Veronica, and Ian says that Bob says that this is Stan.' This same pattern of questions and answers is repeated round the circle. If the object travels all the way around to reach the first player again, the game continues with the players each adding a second fictitious name to the growing list of names. The enjoyment of this game is that eventually some player will be unable to remember the entire list of names and in the proper order. Once this happens, that player drops out. The game either continues without that player until only a single player is left, or the game begins anew with another object and a new set of fictitious names.

This word game is similar to What Is This.

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