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Word Building

No. of Players: 2
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To build up words within a grid.

How to play

In preparation for this game, a five-by-five grid of squares is first drawn. One player writes a letter in the center square. The other player then tries to make a word or anagram by adding a letter in an adjacent square. Gameplay returns to the first player, and so on. Each time a letter is added, it must form a word or anagram horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. One point is awarded for each letter of a successfully completed word. The game is over once the grid is filled, or no other letters can be added so that a new word or anagram is formed. The player with the highest score wins. A seven-by-seven or nine-by-nine (or larger) grid can also be used.

This game is similar to Poker Word Search.


Alissa draws a 5×5 empty grid of squares and writes an I in the center square. Bruce adds T in the square below it, making the word IT and scoring two points. Alissa adds S above both these letters to score three points for the word SIT, and two points for the word IS.

five by five grid with 5 letters

Bruce adds A to the left of the center square to score four points for the diagonal words AS and AT. Alissa adds R below the letters S, I, T to form the anagram STIR for four points.

And so on.

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