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Word Flash

blue flash with yellow letters W-O-R-D
No. of Players: 5+
Type of Game: written and spoken
What you need: pen and paper


To spell out words in teams.

How to play

One player is designated the gamemaster and the other players divide into two teams. The gamemaster thinks of words that can be spelled with the same set of letters. Out of sight of the other players, the gamemaster writes these letters down on their own piece of paper. A duplicate set of letters is made so that each team will have an identical set. These pieces of paper are then shuffled and dealt out to the players face down. The game begins when the gamemaster says the first word. The players try to spell out the given word with the letters provided. The first team to hold up the letters in the correct order wins one point. Gameplay continues until all the words are spelled out. The team with the most points wins the game, and can elect a new gamemaster for another set of rounds if desired.


Aubrey is the designated gamemaster and prepares two sets of six pieces of paper with the six letters A, D, E, R, T, and W. She also writes down five words – WATER, TRADE, DART, READ, and EAR – which can be spelled out with these letters. After shuffling, she deals out a set of letters to each team. Since she has two players on each team, each player receives three letters. She will award one point to the first team which flashes a given word in the correct order and without extra letters.

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