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You're Fired

boss man in suit with laptop pointing to door
No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To fire people using an appropriate pun.

How to play

This game challenges you and others to think of alternative ways to dismiss people from their place of work. One player names a type of job, craft, skill, trade, or occupation and other players try to think of funny ways to say 'You're fired' by using a pun appropriate to a person employed in that profession.


Aston calls out various professions and the other players give the following responses:

Butcher You're cut from the staff; or Your job is on the chopping block.
Immigration Lawyer You've been deported.
Playwright You've been written out of the script.
Teacher You're going to take a permanent recess.
Singer You've been disbanded.
Mathematician You've been subtracted from payroll.
Violinist You're disconcerted.
Real Estate Agent Your job has been foreclosed.
Trophy Maker You've been dismantled.
Train Engineer Today is your last stop.
Fireman You're fired!

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