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No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To guess a word that rhymes with other words.

How to play

The gamemaster thinks of a secret word and tells the other players another word that rhymes with this secret word. The other players then take turns trying to guess this secret word, but do so in the form of a question which does not actually mention this word. The gamemaster does mention this word in his response, indicating whether it is or is not the secret word. The player who correctly guesses the word becomes the next gamemaster and selects a new secret word. If there are a sufficient number of players, two teams can be formed to compete against each other. In this case, the two teams separate into different rooms until a secret word is selected and the game can begin.

The non-spoken version of this game, where players mime their guesses, is called Dumb Crambo.


Andrea selects a secret word and tells the players that it rhymes with MERCHANT.

Brooklyn: Is it like one of the X-men?
Andrea: No, it is not a MUTANT.
Colton: Is it far away?
Andrea: No, it is not DISTANT.
Dawson: Is it with child?
Andrea: No, it is not PREGNANT.
Elliot: Is it green and at the top of a beanstalk?
Andrea: No, it is not a GIANT.

And so on, until someone guesses PLEASANT.

In case you're wondering, the images under the title of this word game form a rebus puzzle:


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