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Dumb Crambo

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: miming
What you need: nothing


To guess a word that rhymes with other words.

How to play

This game is the miming version of Crambo. The gamemaster thinks of a word (preferably an action verb) and tells the other players another word that rhymes with this secret word. The other players then take turns trying to guess this secret word, but do so by acting and not speaking. The gamemaster indicates whether or not the acting correctly represents the secret word by giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The player who correctly guesses the word becomes the next gamemaster and selects a new secret word. If there are a sufficient number of players, two teams can be formed to compete against each other. In this case, the two teams separate into different rooms until a secret word is selected. A word that rhymes with this word is then told to the guessing team, which rejoins the choosing team once they rehearse an act that represents their guess. If they are not correct, the other team taunts them with boos and thumbs down and are dismissed to the other room to think of another word to act out. If they are correct, they are rewarded with applause and the two teams switch roles.


Aurora, Brian, and Cathy form the choosing team, and Duke, Evan, and Felix the guessing team. The two teams go into different rooms. The choosing team thinks of a word and Aurora goes to tell the guessing team that the secret word rhymes with SQUAWK. The guessing team guesses a word and rejoins the choosing team, walking in with their pant legs pulled up around their ankles and pointing at their SOCKS. The choosing team gives thumbs down. They then walk around and BLOCK each other and are similarly met with thumbs down. Standing around looking at the CLOCK on the wall, then pretending to TALK to each other, are two more incorrect guesses. But when they simply WALK around the room, they are met with applause and become the choosers for the next round.

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