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three division signs in different colors
No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To divide a word in unique ways.

How to play

This game moves in the opposite direction of Unions. An informal version of this game has players thumb through print media, like newspapers and magazines, looking for hyphenations at the end of lines that divide words in odd or misleading ways. For instance, war-red, the-rapist, or remit-tent.

Players can try to make their own odd word divisions. For instance, bat-her, car-ton or tapes-try. By relaxing literal constraints, different divisions are also possible. For instance, therefore could be divided into they're four based on their similar sounds, just like prophet able divides from profitable or caught on from cotton. Players can also repeat the same words but divide them differently, like sword's word, or sable's able.

In another version, a player can write a sentence with omissions for other players to solve, with the omissions being the same words or phrases divided in two or more different ways. For instance, the letter omissions in the sentence 'The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ meteor impact off the coast of Italy left a giant _ _ _   _ _ _ _ for all to see' can be filled in with searing and sea ring.


Audrey challenges Bobby to divide the following words into two or more smaller words, and then put the whole word, and its divided word parts, into a sentence: portend, Manhattan, and sagacity. Here is how he does it:

PORTEND: The ominous clouds portend that once we reach port, it will be our disastrous end.
MANHATTAN: When I was last in Manhattan, I met a man with a tan wearing a hat.
SAGACITY: The student could sense the sagacity of the author as she read the saga about the lost city.

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