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No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To guess a word built from two or more other words.

How to play

This game moves in the opposite direction of Divisions. The gamemaster looks for words that can be divided into two or more other words. For example, the compound word quicksand divides into quick and sand, and longshoreman into long, shore, and man. But more interesting gameplay results from less obvious words like father (which divides into fat and her) or abandon (which divides into a, band and on). The gamemaster then gives the other players clues to the part words which they must solve in order to find the whole word. The first player to correctly solve the clues and the whole word becomes the gamemaster for the next round.

Here's a list of 1000 compound words.


Ace: How do you bewilder people when you unite a former prisoner with a circuit breaker?
Baylee: Con-fuse. Add a former spouse with a word for 'sufficient' to make an illustration.
Charles: Ex-ample. Can you unite the opposite of 'out' with a word for 'arrive' to get a salary?
Ace: In-come. Can you add a male turkey, the first letter of the alphabet and the digits on your feet to get fruit most people mistakenly think are vegetables?
Charles: Tom-a-toes. How does a short nickname for Albert and an upper limb unite to make a sound that wakes you in the morning?
Baylee: Al-arm.

And so on.

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