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Even Steven

pencil and paper with even steven puzzle

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To solve clues for words which differ by a single letter.

How to play

Even Steven word games are an excellent workout for crossword solvers. The gamemaster creates clues for pairs of 5- or 6-letter mystery words which differ from each other by one letter. All the other letters are ordered exactly the same in both words. The clues and the differing letters are then written out on pieces of paper and distributed to the other players. For example, the clues "Full of life" and "Exquisitely beautiful" might be written next to "__ I __ __ __ __" and "__ O __ __ __ __," respectively. The first player to correctly solve all the mystery words (LIVELY and LOVELY in the example) becomes the gamemaster for the next round. A time limit can also be set, in which case the player who solves the greatest number of puzzles wins the round. The player who acts as gamemaster for the most rounds is crowned the overall champion.


Chance happening  __ __ __ K __ 
Wineglass  __ __ __ T __ 

Delivery bird   __ __ __ __ K
Emporium   __ __ __ __ E

Greater in size   __ I __ __ __ __
Grocery store worker   __ A __ __ __ __

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