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Irish Bull

bull with green hat
No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To think of self-contradictory statements.

How to play

An Irish bull is an absurd statement that links contradictory ideas for comic effect. Players can challenge themselves or others to compose them. Alternatively, one player collects famous Irish bull sayings recorded throughout history and presents them to the other players with a missing word or phrase. The first player to correctly fill all the blanks is the winner.

This word game is similar to Malapropisms and Oxymorons.


Armando passes out this list of Irish bulls with missing words to the other players to see if they can fill in the blanks:

(1) We're overpaying him, but he's ___ it. (Samuel Goldwyn)
(2) A verbal contract isn't worth the ___ it's written on. (Samuel Goldwyn)
(3) He'll regret it till his dying day, if ever he ___ that long. (Will Danaher)
(4) Waitress: Want your pizza cut in 4 or 8 slices? Yogi Berra: Make it ___ slices, I can't eat ___.
(5) He celebrated ten years of ___ with champagne. (Anonymous)
(6) Everyone laughed when I said I wanted to be a ___. They’re not laughing now! (Bob Monkhouse)


(1) worth
(2) paper
(3) lives
(4) 4, 8
(5) sobriety
(6) comedian

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