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No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To think of self-contradictory phrases.

How to play

An oxymoron is a figure of speech which contains words that seem to contradict one another. Most oxymorons are two words in length. In this game, players challenge themselves or others to see how many of these 'contradictions in terms' they can come up with in a given amount of time. The winner is the player who comes up with the most.

This word game is similar to Irish Bull.


The players write down as many oxymorons as they can think of in 5 minutes. After which they take turns reading them one-by-one to each other. The player with the greatest number is declared the winner.

Andrew: awfully good
Beau: clearly misunderstood
Cabot: loud whisper
Danielle: crash landing
Edric: seriously funny
Fatma: same difference
Andrew: passive aggressive
Beau: exact estimate
Cabot: rock opera
Danielle: partial success
Edric: freezer burn
Fatma: virtual reality
Andrew: good grief
Beau: paid volunteers
Cabot: civil war
Danielle: tragic comedy
Edric: unbiased opinion
Fatma: jumbo shrimp
Andrew: safe bet
Beau: That's all I had! (Beau drops out of the game.)
Cabot: recent history

And so on.

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