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Useful Stock Market Calculators

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Too lazy to reach for your keyboard? Fingers too fat for your phone to tap in needed input? That's where drop-down calculators come in. Nothing beats leisurely scrolling down a menu until you reach what you are looking for.

Here are a collection of calculators we find useful in our swing trading. Bookmark the link next to your favorite calculator to jump right to it in the future.

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World Stock Exchanges – Trading Hours [link]

We all know the market hours of the two largest stock exchanges, the NYSE and NASDAQ. But there are many other exchanges in the world where you can buy and sell stocks. When exactly are they open? Find out with this calculator.

The exchanges are grouped by continent, then sorted by nation. All times given in Eastern Standard Time.

When are world markets open for trading?

has hours of

For more information, see World Exchanges.

Ticker Symbol to Company Lookup [link]

So you're watching the stock ticker run along the bottom of your screen and you keep seeing that one symbol. And it's driving you crazy. What company does it represent? Find out here.

What company is that stock ticker?

is the stock ticker symbol for

Company to Ticker Symbol Lookup [link]

You might know the stock tickers for the biggest of the big caps. But what about for the thousands of smaller companies? Test your knowledge here.

What is the stock ticker for that company?

has the stock ticker symbol of

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