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Here are some eBooks we have collected over the years. They can further assist you in developing and implementing your trading system. All the downloadable eBooks on this site are posted across four different pages.

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Additional eBooks are posted to these pages occasionally, so check back later.

Unfortunately, the PDFs are password protected. But you can easily remove the password protection using any one of a number of free online utilities once you download the files.

Note: we believe the authors of these eBooks have previously granted permission to freely distribute their work. However, if you are the copyright owner and wish to have the work removed from this page, please email site administers at swingtradesystems@gmail.com

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  • How to Manage a Stock Trade – Michael Hoeft discusses how to cut losses short and let winners run by examining the charts and indicators of eight well-known companies. Table of contents. 19 pages
  • Keys to Top Trading Profits – 18 trading champions share their insights into what has made them successful. From George Angell's focus on volatility and liquidity, to Gary Wagner's use of Japanese candlesticks to measure market sentiment. Table of contents. 20 pages
  • Killer Patterns – This ebook shows traders how to identify buying and selling opportunities using the slope and divergence of the MACD histogram. Use of charts. 22 pages
  • Managing Your Money – Gibbons Burke discusses overtrading, undertrading, stops, tracking methods, trading risks, and differences between traders and investors all in an effort to better understand and practice good money management. Tables, figures and mathematical formulas. 6 pages
  • Market Profile Basics – Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan discusses the Chicago Board of Trade's 'Market Profile,' an analytical decision-support tool to organize and display market generated information, in this reprint of an article from Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine. 8 pages
  • The Original Turtle Trading Rules – A full set of rules covering position sizing, entries, stop placements, adding units, exits, and much more. Numerical examples, table of contents. 37 pages
  • Pattern Cycles – Alan Farley discusses how one can master short-term trading through technical analyses, including how to identify bottoms, breakouts, trends, highs, tops, reversals, and declines. Illustrative use of charts. 16 pages
  • A Practical Guide To Swing Trading – Larry Swing (no kidding, that's his name!) offers a solid introduction to swing trading, covering everything from trends and pattern recognition, to entry and exit strategies. Detailed table of contents. 74 pages
  • Secrets of Millionaire Traders – Collected through interviews with millionaire traders, this ebook lays out a series of 25 trading rules, 1–2 per page. Everything from the general: "Know yourself" (#2) to the specific: "Trade the opening range breakout" (#15). Handy PDF bookmarks. 27 pages

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Use these ebooks to help build your own complete trading system.