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Here are some eBooks we have collected over the years. They can further assist you in developing and implementing your trading system. All the downloadable eBooks on this site are posted across four different pages.

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Additional eBooks are posted to these pages occasionally, so check back later.

Unfortunately, the PDFs are password protected. But you can easily remove the password protection using any one of a number of free online utilities once you download the files.

Note: we believe the authors of these eBooks have previously granted permission to freely distribute their work. However, if you are the copyright owner and wish to have the work removed from this page, please email site administers at swingtradesystems@gmail.com

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  • A Six-Part Study Guide to Market Profile – An extensive and in-depth look at the concepts behind CBOT's Market Profile. Once learned, traders should have no trouble developing their own strategies using this tool. Table(s) of Contents, Index, Glossary of MP terminology. 346 pages
  • Swing Trading Using Candlestick Charting – John L. Person discusses the price forecasting method of pivot point analysis through the use of charts. Major candlestick patterns, such as the Doji and the Harami, are explained and illustrated as well. 16 pages
  • Technical Analysis from A to Z – Steven B. Achelis divides his ebook into two. The first half introduces the novice to technical analysis, while the second concisely explains various technical tools, alphabetized from ABI to Zig Zag, in a reference format. Graphs, quantitative examples. 231 pages
  • The Trader Business Plan – Christopher Terry offers a broad outline for designing a business plan for a successful career in trading. He emphasizes personal growth, as well as the need to have a mission statement, trading goals, and good record keeping skills. 4 pages
  • Trading In Mind – Geared toward the day trader, its overall message that "success lies within each of us, and that we are each completely responsible for our own results in the market" is equally applicable to any type of trader. Hyperlinked table of contents. 17 pages
  • The Trading Parables – This ebook is a collection of articles written and compiled by Cory Mitchell, who argues that history demonstrates the benefits of thorough planning and trading in a patient manner. 12 pages
  • Trend Determination – John Hayden describes his method for determining a trend using the Relative Strength Index (RSI). Indepth chart analysis with detailed illustrations. 11 pages
  • The Truth About Fibonacci Trading – Bill Poulos takes a detailed look at how traders can identify price retracement and extension levels using the discoveries of the 13th century Italian mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci. Illustrations. 22 pages
  • The Truth About Money Management – In this article, Murray A. Ruggiero Jr. discusses how the goals of the individual trader and the professional money manager differ, and how these differences impact money management. Included are a few mathematically-defined money management strategies. 4 pages

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Use these ebooks to help build your own complete trading system.