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The Ultimate Index of Word Games

Need something to do at your next get-together? Do you have a house full of bored children on a rainy afternoon? Tired of those boxed games stacked in the back of your closet? The time-tested word game may just be what you're looking for!

Long before the advent of board games and video game consoles, simple games involving Victoria lady with Doublets word game: Lady, Lade, Lame, Damelanguage delighted all classes in society, from the well-to-do to the poorest of the poor. Many today still argue that word games provide a far richer, more rewarding experience than what can be had through manufacturing and digital technology. Word games are certainly cheaper too, often requiring little to no equipment to play, other than perhaps pen and paper.

Here are links to descriptions of 151 word games. These descriptions indicate the number ofillustration of word game 'hangman' players, whether the game is written and/or verbal, how it is played, and what equipment (if any) is required. The goal of each game is summarized in a single sentence, followed by a more detailed description of game play. In many cases an illustration or example using fictional players is provided to give a better sense of actual play. You'll see that while some games play with the meanings of words, others play with their sounds. Still others play with spelling or the letters of words, requiring players to rearrange them into different letter sequences. There are also games based on the alphabet, and games where players must fit words into predefined patterns or interlocking grids.

Some word games are competitive. But in many of these games everyone is a winner, where dfl;gjkderiving pleasure from the mental stimulation, the challenge, and the social interaction is the real objective. It all depends on how you approach word games. Remember, there is nothing stopping you from adapting the rules to suit your own tastes. But make sure you agree with your fellow players beforehand on whether proper nouns, foreign words, abbreviations, etc. will be permitted. Deciding on a suitable dictionary to use is also very helpful in avoiding disputes.

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